Joss Cuisine

Quality is our purpose. Graceful hospitality is our passion.

The creative team that brought you the acclaimed Joss/Chinese Haute Cuisine at the Sunset/Sierra location for twenty years is proud to announce its new incarnation – a small, exclusive version where style is still de rigueur and traditional Chinese fare remains infused with Joss’ signature sophistication.



Our restaurant continues the famous JOSS culinary style, drawing influence from the rich heritage of traditional Chinese cuisine with today's health conscious ingredients. Where the authentic recipe calls for the use of lard, which they often do, we will substitute it with low fat vegetable oil, canola oil, corn oil, grapeseed oil and olive oil, depending on which one brings you the best result.

We replace the use of chemically processed granulated sodium with natural crystallized sea salt. Sea salt enhances the essence of the fresh ingredients and it's a must for the complex finesse of Chinese cooking. We do not use any form of mono-sodium glutamate (MSG). We use fresh ginger root, spices, Shiao-Hsing wine and occasionally a special soy and mushroom based flavor enhancer.

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