Joss Cuisine

Quality is our purpose. Graceful hospitality is our passion.

The creative team that brought you the acclaimed Joss/Chinese Haute Cuisine at the Sunset/Sierra location for twenty years is proud to announce its new incarnation – a small, exclusive version where style is still de rigueur and traditional Chinese fare remains infused with Joss’ signature sophistication.

About Us


JOSS CUISINE/TRADITIONAL is the offshoot of Joss/Chinese Haute Cuisine, one of Los Angeles' best kept secrets for twenty years. The new restaurant continues the culinary style of the original.

The kitchen is helmed by Golo Kwokson Yu who has been with JOSS since 1988, who started as an assistant to the amazing and renowned Lao Ying Chieh, who retired after passing on her special recipes and unsurpassed methods to her talented protege. Golo ascended to become Chef de Cuisine in 1993 and oversaw the successful kitchen until it closed last year. Cecile T'ang, founder of JOSS, remains an integral part of this winning team.

As part owner of JOSS CUISINE, Golo toured all the major culinary capitals of China and came to the conclusion that the most exciting direction for the new restaurant will be to return to the rich heritage of fine Chinese cuisine. Keeping in mind today's health conscious eating habits, JOSS CUISINE will draw on the traditional recipes, many with herbal elixir ingredients valued for hundreds of years, and present them to the smart sensible diners of today.

They select organic produce from small contract farmers whenever possible. This, too, has been JOSS/Chinese Haute Cuisine's tradition and few of our regular patrons would ever forget the very popular Chicken & Fig Soup Elixir, a delicious fixture on the menu; nor would they forget all the multi-color heirloom grain dishes. The Akai grains are contract-farmed in southern France by our produce consultant, Jackson Chong, a devotee of food microbiology. JOSS's ice cream maker even made the no-guilt Akai ice cream from these healthy grains, which we now serve once again.

JOSS CUISINE's menu is a reflection of China's traditional culinary history demonstrating the lasting influence of Chinese food on today's modern palate. JOSS's signature Hong Kong Pin Pei Chicken and China's most famous dish, Peking Duck, remain as specialties of the house.

The decor of the restaurant, as our name indicates, will be Chinese Traditional, harmonized for today's visual senses. Walk through the entrance and you know you are in for something distinctive with the minimalist, Shanghai 30's theme.

The new restaurant is much smaller in size than the original JOSS. We hope to concentrate our efforts to serve the especially discerning patrons who appreciate us.

To quote the eminent Yuan Dynasty painter, Chao Meng Fu (1253–1325), "Talk only with the ones who understand, speak not at all to those who don't." When seating is so limited, perhaps it's a good advice to follow. But all in all, as with the original restaurant, at JOSS CUISINE, cooking is still a lot of fun for us, and dining will still be hedonistic for you.