Joss Cuisine

Quality is our purpose. Graceful hospitality is our passion.

The creative team that brought you the acclaimed Joss/Chinese Haute Cuisine at the Sunset/Sierra location for twenty years is proud to announce its new incarnation – a small, exclusive version where style is still de rigueur and traditional Chinese fare remains infused with Joss’ signature sophistication.

Tea will be the 'new wine' at

Although we have a permit to serve beer and wine, we are even more excited to offer a variety of the finest teas from China.

As always, JOSS is serious about its fine wine selections, and since the monthly wine specials are selected by Cecile T'ang and vary from month to month, please come back often and have a taste.

JOSS CUISINE is equally earnest with its fine tea selections. We have assiduously researched the mystique and wonder of tea and finally selected ten very special varieties to introduce to our patrons.

Tasting fine tea infusion can be as equally interesting as tasting fine wines, and with more health benefits.

  • Tea has been used as an herbal supplement in Chinese medicine for at least three thousand years. 
  • Like wine, tea contains astringent tannins which fight certain forms of virus and bacteria. 
  • Among the tannins in tea is a substance called catechins which is found to help tissue damage. Perhaps for this reason, Asian women drink tea to maintain the youthfulness of their complexion.
  • Tea contains the elements of theobromine and theophylline; these stimulants help open up the lungs.
  • Some components in tea have even been found to lower cholesterol

But we do not offer tea for curative reasons, only for decadent gratification. We can't help saying though, as Chinese always think, "Enjoy a cup of tea and cleanse your system." Our delicious tea selections are of super-excellent grades' only the best variety's will be included in our tea list.


  • Green Pearl of Jasmine, Green Tea, Fu Jian
  • Cloudy Peek White Peony, White Tea, Yuen Fung 
  • Superior Pu-Her, Black Tea, Yuennan
  • White Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea, Hang Chou 


The list will be added on or replaced with new finds as we experiment with their flavors. We hope we will convert you to be an ardent drinker of this civilized beverage.